Thursday 6 December 2012

A painted croc

A good lesson for me regarding keeping my image files organised and backed up etc...  I lost the original file for this photo - my best and favourite crocodile photo.  I only have a low resolution copy of it which is fine for the screen but not much good for print etc.  I have no idea what happened to the original... I discovered it missing a couple of years ago.

So one way to get something decent out of it was to create a digital painting out of it - where detail isn't so critical.  So I enlarged it a lot in photoshop to get a printable size but it was very pixelated,  and then ran Corel Painter over it to produce this picture which smudged out all the enlarged pixels.   I like the result but wish I had the original still!

Here is a higher resolution cropped part so you can see the painting effect better.

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